Canada offers immigration and employment facilities 2022-2023 via the EXPRESS ENTRY program

Canada offers immigration and employment facilities 2022-2023 via the EXPRESS ENTRY program

And as the Canadian government published a list of the most requested jobs in Canada 2022, especially after the application of the express entry program that provides several facilities to attract manpower from various specialties and countries, Canada is the most supportive country for immigration and residency in recent years.

List of required jobs in Canada 2022 and how to apply for immigration
The list of the most important 10 jobs required for those wishing to migrate to them is as follows: -
- Jobs as financial analysts and investment analysts for companies, the stock market and investment in general.
Accountant and auditor jobs, with or without experience.
Designers and graphic artists' jobs.

- Jobs as teachers, university professors and lecturers in various disciplines, preferably scientific and engineering majors.

Computer programmer jobs and interactive media developers jobs.

Computer and Internet software engineers' jobs.
Jobs of information systems analysts and information security consultants.
Chef Jobs.

Supervisors of food services.
Supervisors of retail sales.

Update the list of jobs required in Canada 2022-2023 for free, professional, engineering and medical professions
Purchases Manager.
Director of insurance and financial intermediation.
Medical laboratory worker.
Accounting and financial manager jobs in the financial field.
Horticultural and landscape worker.
Civil Engineers jobs.
Lawyers jobs.
Physiotherapist and physical rehabilitation specialist.
Networking Factor.
Director of Manufacturing Department.
Broadcast and animation operator.
Financial analysts.
The footwear industry worker.
Petroleum and exploration engineers.
Marketing and advertising worker.
Firefighting staff.
General practitioners.
In the field of building management.
Information Systems Factor.
Sewing field worker.
Post staff.
Upholstery and furniture worker.
Land surveying worker.
 Textile and fur jobs.
Real estate manager.
Graphic arts worker
Nursing worker.
Database analysts.
Interior designers.
The translators.
Hair salon workers and hairdressers.
Mechanical engineers.
Software and Information Systems Engineer jobs.
Providers of hospitality, tourism and travel services.
Nutrition experts.
Chefs, chefs, and chefs in restaurants, hotels, bread and pastry shops.
Workers and construction manager.
Operation and maintenance manager
Jobs in the field of work and social service.
Meteorological jobs.
Mining and prospecting engineers.
Paint artists, sculptors, and graphic artists.

- It is mentioned that experience is a prerequisite for many of these jobs besides that the proficiency in the English language or the French language is a great catalyst in accepting jobs in Canada.

How to apply for immigration to Canada in 2022
You can apply directly to the Canadian immigration program 2020-2020 express entry via the following link
You can also increase the official websites of Canadian provinces and cities, especially the Canadian city of Quebec and the city of Toronto, where periodic announcements are made of available jobs and the way to apply for them.