Immigration to Australia in a guaranteed manner and in 90 days

Immigration to Australia in a guaranteed manner and in 90 days

In order to immigrate to Australia, a person needs to obtain a contract of employment as a prerequisite to continue work on immigration procedures, and also to wait a long time to complete all the procedures related to it, but through the way we will mention does not need a person to contract work or wait for a long time.

The way to immigrate to Australia quickly and securely:
It is through study, where you can immigrate in as little as 90 days, with the possibility of staying in Australia and working legally after obtaining a degree in Australia.

Because after the completion of the study phase can obtain a temporary residence permit and through this permit can settle in Australia and search for work, but the permit does not exceed one year so this must get work in a period not exceeding one year, because it is difficult to renew after the expiration of those Duration.

After obtaining employment in Australia and agreeing with an employer on a formal employment contract, it is then possible to apply through this contract to convert the temporary residence permit into a work permit in Australia.
Because Australia's labor law does not require a person to work in the area in which he or she has obtained a degree, and freedom of movement to work in any field that has nothing to do with the area of ​​the certificate obtained by a person is what makes study a distinct way to immigrate to Australia.

Requirements for converting Student Visa to Work Visa in Australia:
In order to convert a temporary work permit in Australia into a permanent work permit, the following documents are required:
1 - Certificate of study
2 - offer of work or contract
3 - Valid passport
4 - A copy of the passport in color
5 - A personal photograph and the same size passport photo

Documents required for study in Australia:
1 - Obtain university admission from an Australian university or institute online
A valid passport of the sponsored person
3 - Certificate of study from the home country
4 - General Secondary School Book
5 - Letter motivated
6. Proof of spending capacity after arrival in Australia
7 - Resume letter
8 - A personal photo with a white background the same size as the passport
9 - medical examination
10. Criminal record free of crimes