Marriage to a Canadian girl for immigration to Canada:

Marriage to a Canadian girl for immigration to Canada:

It is common knowledge that the method of marrying a citizen or citizen in the country of immigration is the fastest way to obtain Canada's papers as immigration and residence... So this method is considered to be largely guaranteed and is the most widespread method among immigrant societies, whether to Canada or other European countries in particular...

Searching for the right Canadian wife:
Where do you find the right Canadian wife for you, we find that the majority of young people who follow this method of marriage resort to multiple social networking sites, marriage sites or dating sites .. to search for a serious Canadian girl or lady (and two lines under it) for marriage and accept In your circumstances, where you begin to get to know them and discuss in many issues until you get used to some and the understanding begins, it takes a soft way towards you and each party knows the personality of the other party and all the information necessary to start a life together and learn about the habits and way of thinking and what he likes and what he rejects and what he hates, until the situation between you two reaches admiration, understanding, and acceptance of Zu a J.
- We have to warn here that it is necessary to be completely frank, especially on the part of the young man who is coming to marry a Canadian woman, and avoid fraud, lying and evasiveness, to gain the trust of the other party, which is the Canadian girl, since most girls in Canada have certain conditions in a life partner, so no His religion or nationality is important to her, but the greatest interest here is on the husband’s personality, the understanding between them and the extent of his ability to withstand the difficulties and his willingness to take responsibility, and these conditions are required by the majority of Canadian women regardless of the minority who are looking for mediation or wealth.
- Acquaintance and understanding take place, then the relationship between them begins in the right way, which is crowning the relationship with marriage by meeting them and holding the marriage ceremony to travel and immigrate to Canada .. And the reason for choosing one of the two things to be followed:

1- That the Canadian girl comes to your country and the marriage contract is concluded amid your family, then submit the marriage contract to the Canadian embassy in your country to obtain a Canadian visa.

2 - That you obtain a tourist visa for Canada or if there is the possibility of making an invitation by the Canadian girl as a friend, and then marriage takes place in Canada, in which case you can convert the tourist visa to a residence after submitting the marriage contract papers to the Canadian authorities and thus your legal residence in Canada becomes.

 Obtaining immigration papers to Canada using marriage:
Does not need work experience, and it does not matter here to obtain prestigious certificates, only all that matters and you need is the credibility and seriousness of the Canadian girl or the woman and the extent of her standing by your side before and after marriage to complete the marriage procedures and your arrival in Canada and then you get residency in Canada and then steps to obtain Canadian citizenship (Which requires about 3 years of residence out of 4 years) Also, the wife must finish all procedures, and it is also important to accept marriage in this way or acquaintance via the Internet and accept the marriage and bring the husband from another country to Canada.

The marriage must be formal in the country in which the marriage took place, meaning that it is not a formal marriage on paper without the two parties knowing each other, as it was mentioned by illegal profit-making institutions that grant immigrants who want to immigrate to Canada and pay them to pay huge money in exchange for arranging formal marriage contracts .. And perhaps the two marriages are not suitable for each other, such as the age difference.

New immigration to Canada 2020 through the pilot program for migration to northern and rural areas of Canada

We all hear of those who marry Canadian women who are of great age. The husband may exceed the age of the husband by twenty years or more, so she looks like her mother, and other cases are not appropriate at all.

So you have to think carefully about this issue, as the Canadian government has recently worked to confront those who exploit marriage for immigration to Canada, so both parties must prove that they have ties and evidence with some such as joint housing or a joint bank account, familiarity with some families, personal interviews, and marriage photos. And other such evidence.