New immigration to Canada 2020 through the pilot program for migration to northern and rural areas of Canada

New immigration to Canada 2020 through the pilot program for migration to northern and rural areas of Canada

Almost a year after the Canadian government announced the new pilot program for immigration to the countryside and northern Canadian regions, the mechanism by which applications for permanent residence will be received under this pilot program has begun to come to light.

Steps to apply for permanent residence under this pilot program:
The person wishing to immigrate to Canada through this program will have to take 4 steps to be able to apply for permanent residence:

The applicant must fulfill the conditions for immigration to Canada and the conditions imposed by each region separately
That the applicant searches for a job in one of the regions participating in this pilot program
Upon obtaining the employment contract, he will have to request a recommendation from the participating region in which he will work.

If he gets a recommendation from the participating region, he will have to apply for permanent residence in Canada to live in that area
Regarding eligibility requirements, as well as the process of searching for a job and also obtaining a recommendation, they are procedures specific to each of the rural and northern regions participating in the program.

Northern and rural areas participating in this pilot program:

We previously talked about the regions participating in the previous article, and it is okay to remind the honorable reader of them
There are 11 rural and northern districts from 5 Canadian provinces that have entered into the agreement with the Canadian central government to bring in skilled migrant workers.

These areas are:
·         North Bay is from Ontario Province
·         Sudbury from Ontario
·         Timmins from Ontario
·         Sault Ste. Marie from the province of Ontario
·         Thunder Bay from Ontario
·         Brandon from Manitoba County
·         Altona / Rhineland from Manitoba County
·         Moose Jaw is from Saskatchewan
·         Claresholm from the province of Alberta
·         Vernon from British Columbia
·         West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson, British Columbia)

How to apply for immigration to these available Canadian regions:
What you should know is that this program is of interest to Canadian Northern and Rural communities, meaning that these areas will assess potential candidates on the basis of:
It better suits them with the economic needs of society.
Having a real business opportunity that meets the requirements of the region.

They have the intention to stay in this area.
Therefore, every region has its own prerequisite for application, whether for Canadian employers or for immigration applicants.

In general, we will talk about the three areas available so far and talk about the requirements that those wishing to emigrate will need to submit their application.