Seasonal employment contracts in Spain 2022 - new jobs

Seasonal employment contracts in Spain 2022 - new jobs

In the context of employment with a labor contract in Spain in 2020, the Moroccan Ministry of Employment and Professional Integration announced that the Spanish agricultural sector needs about 17,000 Moroccan workers to harvest strawberry fruit through seasonal work contracts in the Spanish province of Welba, in the context of bringing Moroccan female workers to contribute to agricultural work in the year 2022.

A ministry press statement said that during its meeting with a Moroccan delegation in the Spanish city of Welba, Spain promised that the Moroccan authorities will reach work contracts during January 2022 and that Moroccan workers will start work in the month of March.

Spain’s farms are used to bringing workers from abroad every year, but many of these farms begin to employ workers, especially in order to contribute to harvesting agricultural crops. Participation in this year's fruit harvest campaign in Spain is an opportunity for all qualified Moroccan female candidates to work on Spain's farms.

This hiring process was developed according to a well-organized system where priority was given to women. The National Employment Promotion Agency (ANAPEC), a Moroccan public agency that manages employment and mediation between Spanish businessmen and women, defends this "positive discrimination" that involves the privilege of women with dependent children, especially if they are widowed or divorced.

In this way, ANAPEC tries to "break the cycle of exclusion" in which rural women live in Morocco, and more if she is a mother, said Effi Abdel Moneim El Madani, the agency's director general.

Madani also reminded of the standards that Spanish entrepreneurs demanded: young women (25 to 40 years old), with experience in this field and in good health due to the requirements of physical work.

Women working in strawberry fields will earn 37 euros per day and in Morocco you will not earn more than 50 dirhams, that is, less than 5 euros. Above all, with the money she will earn in Spain, nearly 3,000 euros during four months of work, she can live a few months in her country and feed her family.

The number of seasonal workers who come to Spain annually is approximately 40,000 in the agricultural fields alone, and the duration of seasonal work contracts usually lasts for 6 months. Most of the seasonal jobs in the agricultural sector in Spain are active in the fruit-harvest season.

Spanish peasants prefer to attract workers from outside Spain, because they find that the cost of the agricultural product is low because of the low wages of labor coming from Morocco, for example, compared to the wages required by Spanish workers. We can say that the seasonal wages in Spain are ok, given that the farmer owners provide free transportation to the workplace and they also provide housing in most cases.