The highest paid jobs in Canada

The highest paid jobs in Canada, which ranks as one of the largest job search sites in Canada, has taken stock of the highest-paid jobs in Canada, and data has been collected by average salary per job from 2015 to February 2017 in five major cities and They are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary.

The medical professions topped the wages list in four of the five cities, while the technological professions dominated the city of Montreal where the software engineering profession, for example, was able to obtain an annual salary of $ 137,568, followed by the main manufacturing engineer with $ 109,424 and the database administrator For $ 107,309.
In Toronto, jobs that require higher education top the list of wages, especially in the medical field. For example, cardiologists receive the equivalent of $ 28,7042 annually, followed by radiologists $ 265,664, then those with important positions as vice president of business development $ 15,511
Whereas the doctors in Edmonton City are at the top of the list of the best wages, followed by the frameworks that work in the field of construction, such as building managers and site managers, as a result of the recovery of the real estate market in this city.

The following is a list of the highest paid jobs in Canada for the year 2017:

Montreal (Profession / Average salary)
Principal Software Engineer $ 137568 Ingénieur logiciel principal
Senior Manufacturing Engineer $ 109424 Ingénieur de fabrication principal
Software engineer $ 108 213 Architecte logiciel
Database administrator $ 107309 Administrateur de bases de données
Organizational Affairs Manager $ 92736 Directeur, Affaires réglementaires
Tax Director $ 89215 Directeur fiscal
$ 88995 Développeur Ruby on Rails system developer
Development Operations Engineer $ 86945 Ingénieur aux activités de développement
Architect $ 86915 Architecte
Mechanical engineer $ 86,910 Ingénieur mécanique

Toronto (profession / average salary)

Cardiologist $ 287042 Cardiologue
Radiologist $ 265664 Radiologue
Professor Mubarraz $ 25,0107 Professeur agrégé
Oncologist $ 235,443 Oncologue
Doctor $ 191020 Médecin
Vice President in Finance $ 169027 Vice-président, Finances
Vice President, Business Development $ 151511 Vice-président, Développement des affaires
Accounting Manager $ 122 144 Directeur, Comptabilité

Vancouver (Occupation / Average salary)

Emergency Medicine Specialist $ 290444 Urgentologue
Pediatrician $ 229513 Pédiatre
Vice President in the Financial Field 142022 $ Vice-président, Finances
Business engineer $ 126080 Architecte d’entreprise
Development Director $ 124,632 Directeur, Développement
Director of Software Engineering $ 124399 Directeur en génie logiciel
Lawyer 123027 $ Avocat
Principal Software Engineer $ 119355 Ingénieur logiciel principal
Purchasing Manager $ 434 117 Directeur, Approvisionnement

Edmonton (Occupation / Average salary)
Doctor $ 236155 Médecin
Principal Project Manager $ 124835 Chef de projet principal
Director of Finance 117923 $ Directeur, Finances
Trade Representative 109,505 $ Représentant commercial
Building construction manager $ 108364 Directeur de travaux de construction
Chief Operating Officer $ 107,700 Chef de chantier
Software engineer 104644 $ Architecte logiciel
Factory manager $ 102,931 Directeur d’usine
Information Technology Director $ 96953 Directeur, Technologies de l’information

Calgary (Occupation / Average Salary)
Doctor $ 227036 Médecin
Business Development Manager $ 142,563 Directeur, Développement des affaires
CFO 119,237 $ Directeur fiscal
Principal Project Manager $ 1178080 Chef de projet principal
Trade Representative 115086 $ Représentant commercial
Building construction manager $ 113720 Directeur de travaux de construction
Chief Operating Officer $ 113716 Chef de chantier
Quality Assurance Manager $ 110830 Directeur, Assurance de la qualité...