The fastest way to find a Swedish wife - marriage procedures for a Swedish woman

The fastest way to find a Swedish wife - marriage procedures for a Swedish woman
Marrying a Swedish girl and obtaining Swedish citizenship is a dream that many young people dream about, as images of fans of Swedish sports teams have recently spread, very delicate and beautiful girls. Where the Swedish girl is often characterized by blonde hair, green or blue eyes, and a graceful texture, which may excite many young people.

How do you find the right Swedish wife?

The fastest way to search for a suitable Swedish girl for marriage and immigration to Sweden is on dating sites or on social networking sites, where the relationship begins with dating and ends with the agreement to marry if there is an understanding, of course.

The most important thing is the relationship started with frankness, as the western girl in general and the Swedish girls, in particular, prefer the honest and sincere man who can provide true love to his wife and can take responsibility for the marriage.
One of the most common things about the issue of marrying a Swedish woman is the difference in culture and religious belief between the spouses, as this is the most important reason for divorce occurring with the Swedish girl. Eastern society is completely different from Swedish society in terms of customs and traditions, and therefore the spouses should be aware of these differences in order to reduce them and make the marriage project successful.

Legal procedures for immigration to Sweden through marriage:
A non-Swedish husband applies to an official request to immigrate to Sweden through marriage and obtain a permanent residence with the support of the Swedish wife under the clause of family unification, which is stipulated by Swedish law within a period of not less than 6 months. During this period, the Swedish Migration Agency makes sure of the credibility of the marriage, as the marriage must be the goal and not a white marriage or a marriage for the sake of interest, as it is important to prove the marriage with pictures of the wedding, for example.

The family gathering is requested by the Swedish wife with the immigration authorities to submit the necessary documents and documents, the most important of which is the marriage contract, the identity of the husband, his birth certificate, and a certificate proving that he is not married to another woman at the same time, as Swedish law prohibits polygamy.

After obtaining formal residence in Sweden, the husband can take advantage of all the rights guaranteed by Sweden to its residents, such as health coverage, the right to university education and the right to work in Sweden legally. The husband is also entitled to obtain Swedish citizenship after at least 4 years have passed after entering Swedish territory.

Divorce status before obtaining residency in Sweden
It is possible for family problems to occur before the husband obtains residency in Sweden, and here the husband is often deported from Sweden, especially if it becomes clear to the Swedish authorities that the husband was only aiming to migrate to Sweden entering the Swedish lands with the trick of marriage.
In the event that marriage results in children, custody is the wife's right under Swedish law.